Keeping traceability and transparency in the mobility management as its core, Vesatogo has developed a SaaS based supply chain management software tailor made for FPOs & agribusinesses in the Indian context. The software enables them to digitize the complete agri value chain. An Farmer Producer Organisation (FPO) or agribusiness can manage all their activities and operations from Farm-to-Fork on the platform. This helps these organizations to optimize their operations and streamline their procurement process hence saving costs and increasing their operating profits. The benefits hence are directly passed on to the key beneficiaries in the ecosystem, namely the small and marginal farmers.

Key features

Solutions that will change your business forever


Procurement management

Price discovery

Quality Control

Warehouse Management

Production Management

Resource management


Farm-to-Fork Traceability



Submodules for every workflow

Demand Broadcasting

Broadcast daily requirements to associated farmers

Benchmark & Price Discovery

Benchmark your prices with the current market trends

Harvest Projection & Planning

Tool for projecting harvest quantity and timing to ensure minimal losses

Inventory Management

Manage inventory flowing in and issue digital delivery challans

Quality Control

Manage quality at every point of the supply chain from seed to fork

Warehouse Management

Efficiently manage stock and material movement with real time visibility

Production Management

Maintain a digital record of all value added services done over the produce

Field Staff Management

Better plan & manage field staff deployed for any type of tasks

Analytics & MIS

Track key metrics of your business and ensure higher throughputs

Performance Management System/HRMS

Track Target vs Achieved for all departments and company officials and make them accountable

Accounting & Ledger Management

Manage ledgers for suppliers, vehicles and other resources being used in the business

Supplier Management

Manage all the suppliers and risk management