Togo is a flagship product of Vesatogo which uberizes the commercial vehicles in the rural setup. The primary users of the product are farmers, vehicle owners, and buyers. Through a mobile-based application, farmers are shown the market trends like rates, inward tonnage, and potential buyers for multiple market yards (organized & unorganized) in their vicinity. This tool enables them to make smart and informed decisions ensuring higher profitability. The farmers can also avail themselves of the commercial vehicle pooling facilities through the onboarded vehicles to deliver their produce. This pay-per-use model ensures reduced post-harvest expenditure for the farmer and democratized and demand-driven logistics business options for onboarded vehicle owners. The buyers also benefit since they experience a seamless and steady source of supply. The platform particularly impacts the lives of the farmers by increasing their operating profits via a two-way approach of better market realization and reduced post-harvest expenditure

Key features

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Market Rates Visibility

Broadcast supply

Pay-per-use post harvest logistics

Accounting & Ledger Management



Submodules for every workflow


Requirements from different traders


Easily track payables and payment status